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Hamburg expands its competence in the area of nanomedicine location Hamburg will be strengthened in the area of nanomedicine through a new research project: titled VIBRANT (VIBRANT imaging of beta cell receptors by applied nano technology = vivo) launched a joint project initiated by the Hamburger CAN GmbH, which deals with medical imaging by so-called beta-cells of the human pancreas. The project is funded by the 7th EU research framework programme. With the projects supported since July 2009, a method will be developed for the quantitative determination of beta cell mass. This would allow an early diagnosis of the disease diabetes. Because the cells that regulate blood sugar by insulin secretion, are present only in very small quantities. The cells die, the man suffering from diabetes. So far, their determination in the living organism was not possible. That should change by the new process.

Diabetes leads to serious health and social consequences for those affected. In Germany, the number of known cases of diabetes according to diabetes Germany is currently at about six million people. Last but not least, also immense economic burden of diabetic IBNR, such as blindness, kidney failure and amputation associated with this disease. Eight expected progress in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes renowned research institutes from Germany, Belgium, Spain, Denmark and Sweden have applied at the beginning of the year 2008 at the research mandate in the framework of the EU calls under the auspices of CAN GmbH. This program has the aim to trigger cooperation in concrete and targeted projects in key areas of the medical, environmental, industrial or socio-economic research. Significant funding became available for the mobility of researchers, the participation of SMEs in the projects and international scientific cooperation. In a two-stage test procedure of the European Commission was VIBRANT as one of selected thirty successful EU funded projects. The scientific quality and the social benefits were measured while the assessors as excellent.

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