360 Degrees Product Photography For E-commerce

New Player version plasPIX360 now available after last year quite a bit in the area of modern product presentation for the ever-growing e-commerce has already done himself, there are now already first enhancements to service providers such as plasPIX360. Specifically in the range of 360-degree product views there are now also more leeway for the individual needs of the shop owner in the offer of the company now beside classic functions such as rotation, image zoom and high resolution display in full-screen size. In addition to multiple detail images that draw attention to individual highlights, structure, interiors or design applications, now also feature presentations complement the round view in the new version of the player. As animation within animation “shop operators thus, for example, separate technical, functional processes of your articles can show or play a even videos. For many entrepreneurs in the online trading business, corporate design are also and where the appropriate design of your online shop exceptionally important, yet appealing design and usability are for online customers more than ever! The newly developed player from plasPIX360 is this needs not disregard: colour, as well as design it can be individually adjusted.

This affects the color of the frame and controls, as well as the size, shape and rounding of the controls and of the outer frame. Now, the company hosts all 360 degree views on your own image servers. This guarantees a charging time poor representation at no additional cost by data traffic corporate clients also at up to 30,000 shop – visitors daily. Much more efficient thereby also integrating the article views on a simple HTML code works. In practice the use of this kind of product presentation not least reflected in an increased customer satisfaction and increased conversion rates. Jana Schober

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