Broadmouth Creek Ranch

Broadmouth Creek Ranch specializes in the raising and breeding of Boer goats. Located in the heart of South Carolina, Broadmouth Creek is the perfect location to raise the healthiest and happiest Boer goats in all of North America. Boer goats are raised for their delicious meat. The industry was first developed in South Africa in the early years of the 20th century by Dutch farmers there. Boer means farmer in Dutch, and the Dutch farmers set to work to breed this particular goat as a unique contribution to the meat industry. Boer goats reproduce quickly, highly adaptable to a large variety of habitats, and has almost perfect carcass qualities. What distinguishes the Boer goat are its red head and white body. It is a docile and fertile breed, reaching between 190-230 pounds at maturity for a female, and from 200-340 pounds for a male. Today there is a demand for high quality, lean red meat, which is driving the development of the Boer goat market. In 1993 the Boer Goat Association was formed in North America, and its popularity has spread as far south as Mexico

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