Hotel Tester Couples Honeymoon Portal Searches

Internet start-up fights scarce capacities with the most nicest way of outsourcing. Honeywish Hotel Tester couples who test romantic hotels for the travel portal looking for on Facebook. On the honeymoon-Portal honeywish bridal couples will find ideas for their honeymoon, that can plan the honeymoon itself or plan can be, book directly or with the honeywish honeymoon wedding registry items to the wedding give allow. This emphasis honeywish on objective information for the user and want to give helpful recommendations for romantic hotels for the honeymoon or a romantic getaway. We know from our own experience that a superior hotel with impressive wellness area must be not necessarily romantic,”says Angela Haslbeck, one of the founders of honeywish. And also forced romance by various romantic packages may be only mediocre hotels is not necessarily what we imagine for your honeymoon or a romantic weekend with your partner”, says co-founder Michael Gross.

So far, the travel and hotel recommendations based on honeywish on personal experiences of the founding team and tips from friends. But the travel portal of Internet start-ups is growing and the human resource capacity in the young company are close to all eligible romantic hotels even test. At the University we talked regularly about outsourcing”means managing director Angela Haslbeck, and a tight student budget, which leaves no room for a romantic vacation with the loved ones, the young founder can remember back still well. The idea of Facebook to target student couples, whether you want to test for honeywish romantic hotels and want to earn even a little pocket money for the required Hotlebewertungen apart from free hotel nights, was therefore obvious. With the current hotel Tester search, honeywish on the sensitive issue of the honeymoon hotel relies on qualified Hotel tests instead of anonymous travel reports, which are often manipulated in the Internet on Facebook. It should however write not full-time Hotel testers but real couples who test romantic hotels from the perspective of leisure, and then really objective reviews. When the potential Hotel testers the action is good. So far already over 250 pairs from 7 countries as honeywish Hotel Tester couple have advertised on the honeywish Facebook group and email.

The hotel Tester search runs until August 15. Compete can of course not only students, but each pair that has the necessary time for the for the most part taking place during the week Hotel tests. Honeywish with the honeywish honeymoon wedding registry, the virtual travel wish-list of us GmbH, founded in 2009, brides and grooms can give your honeymoon in lovingly crafted items, such as hotel accommodation, excursions, or romantic dinner – from family and friends to the wedding. Since the launch of the innovative online service also provides information honeywish on its Web site the most beautiful World ready optimal trip times, honeymoon destinations and romantic hotel. The largest users topic portal for honeymoons and honeymoon is now honeywish. A growing travel portal allows users to book your dream hotel directly online, or a network of honeymoon specialists in Germany and Switzerland – to send a non-binding enquiry on the honeywish travel partner. Press contact: Angela Haines, email:, telephone: 0173-1764667

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