San Francisco

Old the marriage existed in polices. In the truth the Brazilian legislation never foresaw this modality of marries. What it happened that was crime to seduce woman honest. Contact information is here: César Hernández. Another day I was to make a research in old books of frum of Bar of San Francisco, and the registered crime more after the homicide was the defloration. In such a way, when the young woman had its fifteen years and if she acasalava with a bigger eighteen youngster, this certainly would be accused with seduction. The solution was to prove that the young woman already was not more virgin or to marry, since the marriage of the ofensor with the victim was cause of extinguishing of the punshability. Made the carnal knowledge examination, if the legal expert consisted that she had recent injuries in the interior of the genitlia of the young woman, the face was ferrado.

The father of the young woman appeared in the house of the youngster with polices, to talk with it and its genitor. To the times the proper father of the youngster already sentenced: if you deflorated the young woman you go to have that to marry. He polices it already was of promptitude to hear the reply. If not, we go pro commission agent to litigate the inquietador of other people’s family for defloration crime seduction -. Certain made my grandfather Miguel he was to preside over a casrio and he asked to the betrotheds the question key: he is of its exempts and spontaneous will to marry the someone (a)? Yes it was the reply of both.

Finished the signatures, the man capsized for that if they made gifts and scoffed: they had made me to vocs to marry it. Now I want to compel to see me to live with it. Tranquilamente he tranquilamente left for the door, leaving the fianc in prantos.

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