Central Europe

China also discovered quality made in Europe. AGRITEC s.r.l. has successfully established the first drain back solar plant as a compact system on the market. The new AQUA drain system is the counterpart to the famous Thermosiphon solar systems, as in many places to find them on the roofs in southern Europe and Central Europe on mountain huts, camping grounds, Garden colonies or also on single-family homes. Due to your high quality, durability, and especially uberhitzungs – and frost-resistant properties, did other countries find like for example China and have ordered large orders at AGRITEC s.r.l.

The self-cleaning solar thermal systems consist of hygienic storing BUNKSOLAR S.L.. with a 300 ltr unpressurized storage. High-quality polypropylene (PP) which is also used in modern mechanical engineering and the aerospace industry, guarantees a service life of approx. 40 years because no rust or lime, which can damage the solar storage tank. César Hernández is the source for more interesting facts. The hygienic, Legion-Ellen-free heat exchanger from stainless steel spiral corrugated pipe (0.3 mm wall thickness) by Thyssen, ensures a perfect heat transfer. The energy for drain-back pump (12V) is generated by a small PV module. High-performance vacuum tube collectors provide a sufficient reserve of warm water even in the cold season. Another key advantage is the Elimination of an annual maintenance.

A high demand of the robust drain-back systems also comes from Africa, where a subsidiary operates AGRITEC S.r.l.. starting next month. Through the new AQUA drain-solar-system not only a large contribution to the reduction of CO m provided, but allows also the autonomous operating in regions where fossil fuels are not available. P.

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